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The Institute for Mindfulness Studies website and service brings the contemplative practice of mindfulness to persons of all ages, interests, professions, and backgrounds. Using cutting-edge neuroscience research to complement the ancient traditions surrounding mindfulness and other contemplative practices, the Institute for Mindfulness Studies (IMS) offers classical meditation-based and technique oriented exercises to instruct, reinforce, and elaborate on methods of cultivating states of mindful awareness.

There is growing excitement and enthusiasm as the technologically sophisticated field of neuroscience is surprising itself with the malleability (plasticity) of the brain. These findings support an extraordinary opportunity for the enhancement of human experience. Of great promise is the influence of mindfulness practices on the structure and function of the brain, and ultimately our capacity as human beings to develop greater clarity of mind and well-being, by learning ways to facilitate greater neural integration. Not surprisingly, the popular culture is blossoming with the fruits of this newfound appreciation of a long understood truth. As the resources section of this website demonstrates, the number of books, articles, television programs, and movies that involve mindfulness and the brain is staggering.

Drawing on both the science and tradition of mindfulness practices, the mindfulness-based programs developed by IMS are context-contoured so that they might be more accessible to persons unfamiliar with mindfulness practices and offer an opportunity to deepen the practice of a more experienced practitioner. Context-Contoured Mindfulness (CCM) involves the use of language and imagery to both communicate fundamental mindfulness principles and to develop mindfulness cues to help people “remember” to be mindful. Exercises and techniques are designed to to help people transform moment-to-moment interactions through the cultivation of greater mindful awareness.

The IMS offers foundation-level and advanced instruction and education in mindfulness-based practices. Along with traditional mindfulness exercises, IMS teaches the HandSight program, which it developed to allow persons, both “beginners” and experienced practitioners to explore states of mindful awareness without requiring a formal sitting meditation practice. Specialized instruction and coaching is also offered for a diversity of different groups, including parents, educators, lawyers, therapists, physicians, and persons interested in dieting. To learn more about these programs, visit one of the IMS specialized websites.

Contact the Institute for Mindfulness Studies to learn more about its individual and group programs. Programs can be conducted both in-person and, thanks to modern technology, by way of close contact through e-mail, Skype, telephone, and text messaging.

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